Translate texts, strings of ContentViews

Dear Content Views users,
This post will help you to translate Content Views, Content Views Pro to your language using Loco Translate plugin.

If you have WPML plugin, please check this document.

1. Requirement

There are some plugins/tools which help us to translate themes, plugins.
This awesome plugin Loco Translate will help you to do it most easily.
Please install and activate it. After that, click on “Loco Translate” in dashboard menu to start.

2. Do Translation

a. Select language

In Loco translation page, search for Content Views Pro (or Content Views).
Then click New language:

Then select your language:
Loco - select language

You should choose the second option “create in global languages directory languages/plugins/” so your translation will be safe on updating new version of Content Views, Content Views Pro.

b. Translate

There are 3 simple steps to translate any word:
1: Search for the word you want to translate
2: Click on the found word
3: Put the translation

When you finish the translation, please click the Save button.
Best regards,

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