Compare Shuffle Filter with Live Filter

Shuffle filter also has disadvantages: it doesn’t support numbered pagination, it can’t show WordPress custom fields as filter options, it can’t show sort options. That is why we’ve built a new filter called “Live Filter”, which offers another powerful filtering & sorting functionality to your WordPress site, to help your visitors to find what they want quickly.

The main differences between Shuffle Filter and Live Filter:

Live Filter Shuffle Filter
A comprehensive front-end filter Yes.
It can filter with complex combination of multiple taxonomies, custom fields, text search, and sort.
It only can filter well with one taxonomy.
Show custom field as filter Yes No
Show text search field Yes No
Show sorting options Yes No
Work in the Blog page, category page, search page, etc. Yes No
Append & process URL parameters Yes No
Pagination support (Ajax) Numbered pagination
(Ajax) Load more
(Ajax) Infinite scrolling
(Ajax) Load more
(Ajax) Infinite scrolling
Use custom animation effects when filtering results No Yes
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