bbPress – show reply of a topic, show topics of a forum

With Content Views Pro, you can show replies of specific topic, or topics of specific forums easily.

I/ Show reply of a topic

In Filter Settings tab, select option Reply for “Content Type”.
In Advance section, select Custom Fields checkbox.
In “Filter by Custom Fields” section:
– select _bbp_topic_id for “Field key” column
– select Number for “Value type” column
– select Equal (=) for “Operator to compare” column
– enter ID of the topic for “Value to compare” column. To get ID of topic, open edit topic page, look at the address bar of the browser, you will see a number after ?post=, for example, then the ID of topic is 1000.

II/ Show topics of a forum

It is quite similar as above, but:
– select Topic option for “Content Type”.
– select _bbp_forum_id for “Field key” column, then insert ID of the forum.

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