Live Filter – disable loading results on changing filter option, only loading on click “Submit” button

Live Filter helps you to show taxonomies, custom fields… as filter options, which allows your visitors to filter content in their way.

By default, the results are loaded on changing a filter option (select an option from dropdown, select a checkbox, select an option…)

To disable that behavior, and only loading results on click the “Submit” button, please add this code to Custom JS field (the right textarea) in Content Views >> Settings page:

/*Live Filter - disable loading results on changing filter option*/
var cvp_lf_loadonsubmit=function(){$("input, select",".cvp-live-filter").each(function(){$(this).data("nosubmit",!0)})};cvp_lf_loadonsubmit(),$("body").on("pt-cv-pagination-finished",function(){cvp_lf_loadonsubmit()});

(to show the Submit button, please check this document)

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