How to use prebuilt Templates?

To use the prebuilt templates created by Content Views, please follow below steps:

  • edit your existing page, or click Pages > Add New to adding a new page
  • in the top toolbar of the Block Editor, please click “Content Views Library” button:

  • A popup will appear. All prebuilt templates will be shown on the “Templates” tab.

  • A free template will have the “Import” button. Clicking “Import” button will insert the template automatically to the Block Editor.

Hover on each template you will see the preview icon, click on it to see the live preview of that template.

A Pro template will have “Upgrade Now” button that leads to our website where you can purchase the Pro version and get access to all Pro templates.
When you own a Pro version, the “Import” button will be available to all templates.

  • You can filter different kind of templates on the left side:

  • You can search for template name, filter by free/pro attribute on the top right panel:

  • To show templates large or smaller, please click on these icons on the left side of the search box:

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