Display WordPress category name above posts list (display term as heading)

With Content Views Pro, you can display category name above posts list easily.

# Display a term above posts list

Let’s add new View to start. Here are some simple steps to do:

  • Enable the Taxonomy (Categories, Tags…) in Filter Settings >> Advance
  • Select the taxonomy you want to use, for example: Category
  • Select the term (a category, a tag…) you want to show as heading, above the posts list
  • Select the option Show (first) term as heading of output for the “Output modification” setting

# Display many terms above their posts list

If you want to display multiple categories, tags… above their posts list like this:

Category #1
     post A, B, C, ...

Category #2
     post O, P, Q, ...

Category #3
     post X, Y, Z, ...

Here are 2 simple steps:

  • Create a View for a category (with above instruction).
  • Reuse this view to show other terms above their posts.

    For each category, please use following shortcodes:
    [pt_view id=VIEWID cat=CATEGORY_SLUG]
    (replace VIEWID with ID of the View which you’ve created).

    For each tag, please use this shortcode format:
    [pt_view id=VIEWID tag=TAG1_SLUG]

    For each custom taxonomy, please use this shortcode format:
    [pt_view id=VIEWID taxonomy="TAXONOMY_SLUG" terms="TERM_SLUG"]

    To find TAXONOMY_SLUG and TERM_SLUG, please open the Taxonomy page, you will find TAXONOMY_SLUG in the URL, and TERM_SLUG in the Slug column:

# Show the “View all” link beside the category name

Please add this code to Custom JS field (the right textarea) in Content Views >> Settings page:

$('.pt-cv-term-heading a').each(function(){
$(this).html($(this).html() + '<span style="float:right">View all</span>');

Thank you,

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