Hide posts from a certain category/tag

To hide posts from a certain category/tag:

  • If you are NOT filtering in other categories, you can select the category you want to exclude, then select the NOT IN operator, as below:
    not in category
  • If you are filtering in other categories, to exclude posts from a category, please use this shortcode:
    [pt_view id="VIEW_ID" reuse_tax_query=1 cat="SLUG_OF_CATEGORY_TO_EXCLUDE" operator="NOT IN"]

    (this shortcode with extra parameters is only available in Pro version)

    Please replace SLUG_OF_CATEGORY_TO_EXCLUDE with slug of category you want to exclude, replace VIEW_ID with ID of your View.

    To do this for Tag, please use this shortcode instead:

    [pt_view id="VIEW_ID" reuse_tax_query=1 tag="SLUG_OF_TAG_TO_EXCLUDE" operator="NOT IN"]

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