Show manual excerpt of WordPress post (Pro version)

Content Views helps you to show the excerpt of WordPress post easily without coding.
With the free version, it will generate excerpts by selecting the first N words (N is editable number) of a post.
With the Pro version, you can show the manual excerpt of a post.
Manual excerpt is a default feature of WordPress. If it is not enabled yet, you can enable and use it easily:

WordPress manual excerpt
Manual excerpt in Classic editor. (click here to see full image)
Manual excerpt in new Gutenberg editor
Manual excerpt in new Gutenberg editor.

Then you can show the manual excerpt with Content Views Pro easily:

Content Views Pro - show manual excerpt

There are 3 options you can do with the manual excerpt:

  • show its original content
  • trim its length to N words (N is 20 in above image)
  • ignore it (to show the first N words of post content)


The manual excerpt is not enabled for Page by default. To enable manual excerpt for Page, please add this code to file functions.php in the theme’s folder:

 * Enables the Excerpt meta box in Page edit screen.
add_action( 'init', 'cvp_theme_add_excerpt_support_for_pages' );
function cvp_theme_add_excerpt_support_for_pages() {
	add_post_type_support( 'page', 'excerpt' );

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