Show upcoming/future, past, today events (of The Events Calendar, Events Manager, Event Organiser plugins)

Content Views Pro helps you to show any events easily.
This video will help you to display upcoming, past, today events by plugins:
The Events Calendar (by Modern Tribe)
Events Manager
Event Organiser


Here is a sample settings to show upcoming events:

CVP for WordPress - Show upcoming events

Here are steps:

  • In “Filter Settings” tab, select Event option for Content Type
  • In Advance group, select the Custom Fields checkbox
  • In “Filter by Custom Fields” section, click Add New button, then select options as below:
    Filter Key
    • _EventEndDate or _EventStartDate
      (for The Events Calendar plugin)
    • _event_end_date or _event_start_date
      (for Events Manager plugin)
    • _eventorganiser_schedule_last_finish or _eventorganiser_schedule_last_start
      (for Event Organiser plugin)
    Value Type Date
    Operator To Compare
    • For today events, select Today
    • For upcoming events, select Now & Future
    • For past events, select In the past

You might do the same settings with other event plugins.

Notice: since version 6.0, The Events Calendar Pro plugin changed the way its store event information. And above settings might not work with recurring events. Please contact us here to get a custom code solution for that case.

If you didn’t use any event plugin but use WordPress custom field to set start-date, end-date for your events, please check this document Filter by a Date field.

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