Display Media files

With Content Views Pro, it is easy to display Media files (images, pdfs…).

To display Media files, in the Filter Settings tab, please select the Media option for “Content Type” setting:
Content Views Pro - display Media file

Categorize & Display Media files by Taxonomy, Custom Field

Until WordPress 4.9, you will need to install an additional plugin to enable taxonomy (similar to category, tag for Post) and custom field for Media files.

# Plugins to add taxonomy for Media:

Custom Post Type UI, Enhanced Media Library, or similar plugin.

# Plugins to add custom field for Media:

Advanced Custom Fields, or similar plugin.

When you already have taxonomy or custom field for Media, you can categorize and show a group of Media files easily using Taxonomy (Categories, Tags...) and Custom Fields filters:

CVP - filter by Taxonomy, Custom Fields for Media

Display Media files by Author, Keyword, Published Date

With Content Views Pro, you also can display Media files of same author, same keyword, same Published Date range easily with the Author, Keyword, and Date filter:

CVP - filter by Author, Keyword

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